Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree

Revert 95 | Brand of the Week Etnies
In 2011, Etnies launched the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project. Etnies owner and founder Pierre-Andre Senizergues wanted to invest in the future and decided to plant a tree in the Costa Rican rainforest for every pair of the Etnies Jameson Eco 2 sold. A year later, the project expanded to Brazil and, thanks to the help of the non-profit organisation Trees for the Future, it has now been extended to three continents. Trees are now also being planted in Africa.

Etnies has already planted more than 1 million trees, and is celebrating this major milestone by planting a tree for every pair of Etnies shoes sold in 2015 (not only for the shoes that are part of the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection). The tree planted thanks to your purchase of Etnies shoes symbolises your commitment to preserving the planet. Etnies is committed to that. We skate, surf and snowboard on the only planet we have. Because the earth is irreplaceable and we want to keep doing what we are doing, it is important to keep the planet healthy. With your support, Etnies can keep making great strides and we can all keep riding!

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