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If you have an idea or just a good proposal, mail us at office@revert95.com

Skatepark Haarlem - Starting in 2017, a full-fledged indoor skate park will be built in Haarlem for the first time. The park will also be built in a circular way, i.e. as green as possible. This includes solar energy, reuse of rainwater for toilets, reuse of various materials for the skate park, catering and so much more. As the skateboard shop from Haarlem and North Holland, we are one of the partners and sponsors of this very special project. A project which is being executed by several generations of Haarlem skateboarders and can use all your help. For more information go to www.skateparkhaarlem.nl

- Not as often, but just as much fun, we have been doing various parties and other events together with the Patronaat for years. We love music and we love to party. Then the Patronaat is the place to be.

For more info check their website: www.patronaat.nl

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