You can find Revert 95 at Kleine Houtstraat 30 in Haarlem since 1995. If you are looking for skateboards, streetwear and trainers, you are looking for us.

By car:

If you come by car, you can best park in the parking garages de Kamp, de Appelaar and Raaks. The route to these car parks is indicated by the municipality.

Parking garage de Kamp is the closest parking garage. From the garage exit, walk towards Gedempte Oude Gracht and then left towards V&D. On the Gedempte Oude Gracht, take the first street to the right. There is a baker's on the corner and a café opposite. This is Kleine Houtstraat.
After about 50 metres, you will find us on the left at number 30.

By train:

Leave the station at the front, this is the side of the bus station and parking garage the Beijneshal. You can walk towards the centre via Jansstraat or Kruisstraat. The quickest way is via Jansstraat, from the station diagonally to the left. Actually it is straight ahead. As the crow flies. As soon as you see the church, walk around it to the left and enter Lange Veerstraat. This street turns into the Kleine Houtstraat and you will find us there on the right at number 30.

Via Kruisstraat, diagonally to the right from the station, it is also mainly straight ahead. When you arrive at the Grote Markt, cross it diagonally to the right of the church. There you turn right and walk straight ahead into Warmoesstraat. Then turn left into Anegang and immediately right again into Kleine Houtstraat. You will find us on the right at number 30.

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